Minda Silca has always sought extremely innovative and technologically revolutionary solutions dedicated to the key duplication world and the Security business. The introduction of electronics within the key business has been, since ever, a strongly pursued Minda Silca’s objective. Today the biggest challenge for Minda Silca is the maintenance of the highest technological product level and sustained product innovation trend.


Silca is a well known brand, synonymous of key duplication on a worldwide base. Thanks to its reputation Minda Silca can operate as the Key Partner all over the World, identifying the best key duplication centers and support the professional and industrial key duplication all over the world.

To be a dynamic, innovative and profitable precision component manufacturer for automotive as well as non-automotive organization with a special focus on keys & KCM, emerging as the preferred supplier and employer to create value for all stakeholders


  • Commitment to Stakeholders
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Open Communication
  • Nurture Talent, Competency & Willingness
  • Respect & Humanity
  • Orientation
  • Partnering
  • Responsibility
  • Cross Cultural Diversity


  • Focusing on product innovation as the essential element to differentiate our offer.
  • Empowering human resources by means of continuous education and training as well as supporting professional growth within the company.
  • Pursuing continuous improvement by promoting initiatives and responsibilities at individual and team level.

Minda Silca

Minda Silca does not merely represent a trade name: it is more an approach to the Key business profession, a constant and intense dedication assuring high quality product standards and, above all, a guaranteeing of purely innovative solutions and high quality products for all the professionals operating in the world of duplication services.

Minda Silca’s Business Model

Minda Silca's Business Model is a unique combination of manufacturing, worldwide presence, extensive and innovative product range, balanced mix of direct and indirect distribution channels, with capillary distribution. The consolidated and recognised Minda Silca knows- how within the Key business, and the great attention in offering not just products but integrated service solutions, has widened during the last years the number of co- engineering projects developed with important Lock and Automotive Manufacturers.

Key Blanks

Minda Silca's core business is represented by the production of key blanks. Minda Silca's key blanks product range is one of the wider and most completed and updated world wide, with over 60.000 different key blank articles dedicated to any kind of use: from airplanes to mail-boxes keys. Every day two new keys are added to our key blanks catalogues.

Key Cutting Machines

Minda Silca’s Key Cutting Machine System range covers the production of duplicating machines and dedicated accessories for the Locksmiths' business, up to the production of customised duplicating and originating semi industrial and industrial systems for Lock and Automotive Industry.

Found here and there, but most of them have been altered by injected humor, or randomized words which do not look.


Found here and there, but most of them have been altered by injected humor, or randomized words which do not look.