MySilca App

MySilca App has been developed to meet the needs of key cutters and locksmiths worldwide and provide them real time support and updates.

Silca Key Programs is a software platform specifically designed for key cutting machines. Silca Key Programs boasts one of the biggest databases in the key trade, for both quality and quantity of information; the database is updated daily so that it can offer the very best to people in every corner of the world who seek information about any type of key. Silca Key Programs uses its numerous functions to fully exploit the potential of Silca electronic key-cutting machines, facilitate the key cutting process and ensure visibility of all the options developed by Silca, such as cutting tools, clamps and optional adapters.

Silca has become worldwide synonymous of key duplication thanks to its know how and product offer. Silca key blanks production represents Company’s core business: over 60.000 different key blank items for the largest, most comprehensive and updated key range in the world. A portfolio made of over 250 key machines models is guaranteeing the possibility to duplicate with ease and precision any kind of key blank. Dedicated software programs and web platforms are guaranteeing to Silca’ s Partners the access to the widest key blanks data base and to exclusive on line services.

Silca represents an important counterpart for the Automotive Industry and Lock Manufacturers in providing the key manufacturing and duplication solutions. The great attention paid by Silca in proposing not just products but integrated solutions has contributed to the development of long lasting relations with prestigious partners in the Industrial World. Silca OEM Division can develop, on demand, customised machineries guaranteeing innovative and technologically advanced solutions supporting the production needs of the Industrial World. Silca S.p.A. is certified ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 (Automotive Keys).

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