Silca has always devoted great attention to products info and catalogues. Our keys catalogues are the most complete in the world. Every day Silca produces two new keys. 108 Update Catalogue The new Catalogue 108 Update completes and updates the range of flat keys for cylinder locks, cruciform keys, lift and mailbox keys presented in the 108 Catalogue. This catalogue includes all the new keys launched by Silca since October 2013 and a range of key references that, due to popular request, has been reinstated. These keys are easily identifiable thanks to the specific symbol used. "The Car Book 4" Catalogue “The Car Book 4” contains all the complete information about Silca keys used on the vehicle models currently on the market (cars, motorcycles and trucks). "The Car Book 4" Catalogue (PDF) Introduction (PDF) Car keys guide (PDF) Motorcycle keys guide (PDF) Truck keys guide (PDF) Vehicle related keys (PDF) General index (PDF) catalogue-flip-keys Flip Keys Catalogue Flip Key, is the first vehicle key reproducing the original key’s flip mechanism, combining Silca’s reliability and high-quality standards with a captivating and customizable design. Silca Flip Keys - Catalogue (PDF) cat-empty-shells Silca Empty Shells Catalogue Silca Empty Shells, a currently available new line of plastic headed vehicle keys designed to integrate the original electronic component of remote controls. Silca Empty Shells Catalogue (PDF) [Catalogue 108] "108" Catalogue Keys catalogue for household and commercial flat, cruciform, lift and mail box keys. To order: code P699. "108" Catalogue (PDF) Catalogue introduction (PDF) Household keys (PDF) Dimple keys (PDF) Cruciform keys (PDF) Mail box and lift keys (PDF) Indexes (PDF) Catalogue 207 "207" Catalogue The catalogue for bit, double bit, pump, gorges, muzzle, for safes, “Cadorine”, iron keys, ornamental keys, cellar keys, Patent and welded keys. To order: code P393. "207" Catalogue (PDF) Catalogue introduction (PDF) Double bit and pump keys (PDF) Safe keys (PDF) Pin, muzzle, "Cadorine" keys (PDF) Patent keys (PDF) Ornamental keys (PDF) Welded keys (PDF) Indexes (PDF) Catalogue Patent-Passepartout "Patent - Passe-Partout" Catalogue Keys catalogues for Patent and Passe-partout keys. To order: code P329.